Taj Mahotsav at Taj Mahal

Taj Mahotsav is one of the most awaited fests of Agra. This is an annual cultural fest at the Taj Mahal which is a 10 day event and is being successfully conducted since 1992 in the month of February. The in charge of this fest is the tourism department of India and inclines towards promoting India’s culture art, craft, and cuisine, music and dance forms. The fest is one platform where many craftsmen and experts of arts and music find recognition. Indian and foreign tourists flock in large numbers around Shilpgram, which is really close to the Taj Mahal to observe this fest in its grandeur.

The inception of the festival is done by a huge procession which involves a large number of caparisoned elephants and camels, folk dancers, drum beaters and craftsmen. The main and the most important aspect of Taj Mahotsav Festival is that, it not only is the biggest art and craft platform of India, but also the things and the handicrafts which are being sold here have legitimate prices with authentic materials. The procession is inspired from the processions which were held during the times of Mughals which provides an excellent opportunity to the people who are involved in it. The procession includes many crafts and handicrafts materials which include woodcarvings of sahranpur, metal ware of Muradabad, carpets of Bhadohi, blue pottery of Khurja and Silk of Varanasi etc. The plus point of this festival is that it includes various cultural performances related to dance forms and music coming from every nook and corner of the world. In the Taj Mahotsav, you can also enjoy the most authentic cuisines of every part of India at one place. The visitors can witness the age old cultural performances from every part of India which was long lost and has been revived by this Mahotsav. Children can enjoy the roller coaster rides and the merry go rounds while adults enjoy the art and craft of India.

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