Taj Mahal Garden

The gardens of the Taj Mahal have always been a point of discussion and its riverfront scheme which is used in it is a characteristic of the Char bagh style employed by Mughal architects. The garden which is of square shape is divided by two main walkways and is called the Khiyaban, which divides the garden into 4 different quadrants. In the center of the garden where the walkways coincide is a raised platform called the chabutra and is adorned by a pool called the hauz which has five fountains in total. In the north-western part of the garden is an enclosure which was built to notify the place where Mumtaz Mahal was buried first. The water in the garden is supplied form the Yamuna River through an aqueduct and is then collected in a water tank and from here it is distributed to the earthen pipes which carry it all over. The concept of Char bagh came from the Persian Timurid gardens brought down to India by Mughals. The gardens divided in four parts are taken as symbolic to the Islamic Concept of the 4 beautiful gardens in the heaven. In this context the use of water also has symbolic meaning and is a reference to the four river sources in paradise, representing water, milk, wine and honey. The gardens constitute a major part of the whole complex of Taj Mahal and are one of the highlights of the place. The garden at the Taj complex covers an area of 300 meters by 300 meters and is based on the geometric arrangement and symmetry. The trees of the garden are either Cyprus which signifies death or the fruit-bearing types which signify life and are perfectly arranged in symmetrical pattern. The Taj Mahal is located at the northern end of the gardens. The center of the garden has a water tank which mirrors the image of Taj Mahal perfectly. The symmetry was given to the garden keeping in mind that the garden does not hinder the view of the mausoleum from any side.

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