myths of the taj mahal

Myths of the Taj Mahal

There are several myths which are surrounded around the existence of Taj Mahal. Some of them are strongly believed as they are supported by few evidences while some of them are completely baseless and are stemmed out of the beliefs of the human mind.
myths of the black taj mahal

(Foundation for the Black Taj Mahal across Yamuna river)

  • The story of the existence of a Black Taj Mahal is quiet famous amongst the historians. While it is said that the Emperor wanted the mausoleum to be built, it couldn’t take any form because he was overthrown by his son Aurangzeb. There is little evidence to support this theory but the ruins of blackened marbles in Mehtab Bagh is said to be the part of the incomplete Black Taj Mahal.

  • It is said that the Emperor Shah Jahan did not want this monument to be copied by anyone and thus had ordered the hands of the workers and the architect to be chopped off. This story again is baseless as the architects were found to be working on other monuments which were constructed way after the construction of the Taj Mahal.

  • taj mahal myths

    (Lines and Verses from the Quran inscribed in Taj Mahal)

  • European historians and scholars also believe that the Taj Mahal was actually designed by an Italian architect known a Geronimo Veroneo. This myth again has little evidence as it is proposed that an architect who was trained in Italy cannot construct something like the Taj Mahal whose architectural style originated in Persia and Iran.

  • It is said that the Taj Mahal is sinking because of the heavy weight of the monument and the weakening of the wooden base due to drying up of Yamuna.

  • One of the other legends and myths that surround the Taj is that there is a wall that the visitors keep punching because of some supernatural belief. This belief is again considered base less by the historians of India.

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