Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

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The Ever – Lasting Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

shah jahan & mumtaz mahal

“God separates the two lovers, least did he thought it would become the talk of the town”.

The story or rather the love story of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan became the talk of the world and is been recognised by people from all across the world. Let us take a straight sweep to know what all happened and how the two people became inseparable.

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The Basic Story – Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

love story of mumtaz & shah jahan

The Mughal ruler Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal, which is acclaimed as, the ‘symbol of love’, in late 16thcentury. All of us might know the basic story behind the making of the great monument named Taj Mahal, which is now one of the Seven Wonders of the World and also UNESCO recognized world heritage site.

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The Powerful king made this in memory of his favourite and most beloved wife named Begum Mumtaz Mahal. However, we all are unaware of the truth behind the complete and everlasting love story of the beautiful queen Begum Mumtaz Mahal and the powerful Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Let us take a walk in the deep past of the Royal Mughal Era and know the real and complete story behind the two internationally acclaimed lovers.

Let us have a look at the garden tomb, which is standing tall in Agra, giving love goals to the present day couples, and making them understand the truest meaning of the feeling called, Love. Aren’t you already set to know the whole tale in detail? Let us take small and tiny steps and know all about two lovers who became an example of true love in India as well as whole of the world.

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The Young Love Tale – Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

love story of mumtaz & shah jahan

The son of Emperor Jahangir,whose name was Shahab – ud – din – Mohammed-Khurram, who was well known by the title awarded to him by his citizens that was, ‘Shah Jahan’. He was born in the year 1592 to Jahangir who was the fourth emperor of the Mughal Empire.

Prince Khurram was the dearly loved son of Jahangir as he was born to his most loved wife Nur Jahan. He was the grandson of Akbar the great who also kept his grandson free of all the worries and gave him all the royalties of this world.

Shah Jahan later became famous for his love tale with Mumtaz Mahal and his ultimate creation named, Taj Mahal, which he built for his beloved wife.

14 year-old Prince Khurram (Shah Jahan) was once taking a sweet walk by the lanes of Mena Bazaar in the year 1607. He then saw a beautiful girl who was selling and assembling some silk items and even some glass beads.

The beauty of the girl enchanted him and he started to stalk the girl a bit, it then came to his knowing that the girl he had seen is the market, her name was Arjumand Bano Begum and she was the relative of his mother queen Nur Jahan.

He rushed to his father, Emperor Jahangir immediately and notified that he wanted to marry that pretty woman selling silk items and glass beads at Meena bazaar of the fort.

Love towards the son of Emperor Jahangir made him allow to marry the girl. However, they were too young hence, their wedding was postponed for few years and they enjoyed the period of their love affair.


The Lawfully Wedded Husband And Wife – 

Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

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Now was the time, after five years from the hour when he announced his love for the girl, the two of these lovebirds solemnly been hitched in the year 1612.

As per Shah Jahan, the wife was like a lucky charm for him, as after a few years from his marriage Shah Jahan captivated the throne of Mughal Empire winning over his four brothers and became a rebel emperor of the great throne in the year 1628.

He also awarded his wife ‘Arjumand Bano Begum’ with the lovely title of ‘MUMTAZ MAHAL’, which means ‘the jewel of the palace’.

The emperor had several other wives as per the culture in that era but, he had special bond and love for Mumtaz Mahal, this was all because she was very beautiful, witty and intelligent.

The Muslim Persian wife of Shah Jahan used to give all kinds of decisions related to the court of the king also the decisions related to finance was not initiated without the consent of the queen.

Courtiers of his court did not like this at all but the two were so much in love with each other that they did not had the time to take care of such thoughts of the people. The emperor was falling in love with his wife more and more with each passing second and day.

His love was so much that he did not leave her alone for even a second. If legends are to be believed from military camps, to trips, in the country or outside, Begum Mumtaz Mahal used to accompany his beloved husband at each and every place so that they both are inseparable and can even take care of each other in their presence.

Their thirteen children were the proves of the love and bond they shared. However, all good things start to end one day and the two lovers had no idea one storm was coming close, very close to them.

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The Dark Phase – Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

love story of mumtaz & shah jahan

Then came the dark phase in the lives of the two lovebirds, when Begum Mumtaz Mahal was giving birth to her 14thchild and the proof of the love between them she fell seriously ill and week and could not take the pressure of the bad health.

The beautiful woman and the ‘life’ of the emperor left the world with memories and her undying and heavenly gorgeousness.

The heavy loss made the king fall deep in pain and grief; he was so upset and sad that his life became a living hell without his better half.

He was shattered and this made his kingdom suffer as he had announced two long years of mourning in the court.

Later he could collect himself he thought of the promise he made to his dead wife, that when she dies he would make the tomb of her grave so big and amazing that the world would lose a breath looking at the magnificent beauty, here is when he thought to start the work for his dream Taj Mahal.

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The Construction Of Taj Mahal – Love Story Of Mumtaz And Shah Jahan

shah jahan & mumtaz mahal 3

Taj Mahal took twenty – two years to get completely furnished and ready to be showcased to the world, the great mausoleum was an example of hard work of twenty – two thousand workers from India as well as Persia working day and night to make the Taj what it looks like today.

Later in the year 1666 when Shah Jahan died at the age of 74 because of his cruel and shrewd son, Aurangzeb (Shah Jahan’s successor) kept him in house arrest for more than 10 years. His grave was been made right next to his lovely wife’s grave in the great building of Taj Mahal itself.

The symbol of love is so stunningly designed that it would give you shivers down the knees to think how can someone love anyone so much that they made a huge tomb in memory of her which is now an example of the truest and purest feeling called ’love’.

Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved made the people of the world believe that the love is a pious most type of feeling and if you love someone then each man is Shah Jahan and every women is Mumtaz Mahal.

His love was so real that the promise of making the most beautiful and magnificent building for his beloved came true. Hence, it now stands tall and strong for us and also for the coming generations as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and also recognised as UNESCO world heritage site.

It is open for men and women from all around the world to come and witness the beauty of love in this white marbled structure known as the ‘symbol of love’.


Come and visit the epitome of the feeling called love and adore the beauty in white colour and by its side flowing the holy river Yamuna, will make you feel so calm and mesmerised even after the huge crowd covering your way in its premises.

Visit the Taj Mahal with people you love and know what a person in love could do for another. We thank the great Mughal emperor to build such a tomb in our nation and make us feel proud that we are born in a nation that understands and depicts the constitution of marriage and the love for each other within.


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