Agra Local Tour – Dedicate A Day To Love

Agra Local Tour – Dedicate A Day To Love

agra local tour - dedicate a day to love

Agra is a stunning city where the melody is in the air – the gentle and warm touch of the wind, whispering the stories of love. It is one of the finest romantic stories, which became immortal, the love of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.

There is something different in the air of Agra, a usual vibe, which is completely absorbed in the feeling of love and care.  Anytime of the year is perfect to visit this amazing city, which serves as home to the stunningly gorgeous Mausoleum built with the best of white marbles glowing brightly in the lights of the sun.

Come! Fall in love while wandering around in the alleys of Agra.

Dedicate A Day To Love..

shah jahan and mumtaz mahal

Agra is dotted with the numerous stunning and captivating historical monuments, which deserve appreciation because of its excellence – enter in the land of love, witness the commendable creativity of Mughal Dynasty.

One can fall in love at any time and at any place- or we all have heard about a sentence which says- love at first time, honestly speaking, many of us maybe have experienced something this filmy once in our life so far.

Spend a day in the paths re-defining the definition of love – come and listen to the story, which further led to the creation of one of the Seven Wonders of the World- Taj Mahal.


agra local tour

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal are the names behind a spellbinding love story, which took birth in the alleys of Meena Bazaar.

One fine day in the year 1607, when a girl was busy hawking some silk products came across in the sight of a 14 year old Shah Jahan, at that point of time they exchanged their hearts in first go instead of a glance. After sharing some romantic looks, Shah Jahan rushed back home and requested his father emperor Jahangir addressing to Mumtaz Mahal, that she is one who he wants to marry.

With the exchange of certain thoughts, Emperor Jahangir made a decision and announced the marriage of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, later in 1612, these two lovebirds got married and since then they never looked back, with every passing minute and day, their love and bond kept on multiplying.

Agra Local Tour

taj mahal from agra city

Taj Mahal, well addressed as the epitome of Love, is continuously plays a major role in keeping the love alive and unique.

The City of Agra is also dotted with a huge population of Travellers, either visiting alone or with their friends and yes with their family. If you have not visited the City Agra- do not spare another minute, ask your travel companion and get your tickets down as soon as possible.

A short briefing on what one can visit once they mark their presence in the striking land of Agra-

agra fort, taj mahal, itmad ud dullah

Attractions to explore in the one day visit – Sightseeing by Car | Onwards Delhi –

First of all, welcome to Delhi- the capital city of India, which also serves as the main gateway leading to any corner of the country- India.

lotus temple in delhi

As soon as you enter in the city- Delhi, Straightaway from the Airport or the Railway Station, our company representative will receive you and in no time as per your choice and convenience, you will get a smooth ride to Agra-

Travelling time- 3 Hours 59 minutes via Taj Express Highway or Yamuna Expressway | Distance – 233.00 Kilometers ;

Travelling time- 4 Hours 42 minutes via NH19 or NH44 | Distance – 237.70 Kilometers ;

Travelling time- 6 Hours 2 minutes via Chennai- Delhi Highway | Distance 228.10 Kilometers.

On your arrival, straightway head towards the mesmerizing sight- Taj Mahal, begin a day with the best of love and happiness, then walk further and embrace the beauty of Agra Fort ;

tasty street food in agra

Take rest for some time and have the tasty street food of Agra – do not miss on having the well-known Petha- served with various flavours, after lunch one can explore the Alleys of Sadar and Meena Bazaar;

The next point of attraction is the Tomb of Itmad- Ud- Daulah and last but not the least is Akbar’s tomb in Sikandra.

tomb of itmad-ud-daulah

If you have not witnessed the striking beauty of Agra yet – Now is the time, go ahead.

Agra is waiting for you…

girl sitting in front of taj mahal

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