Visit of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal In Agra

Visit of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal In Agra

visit of foreign celebrities at taj mahal in agra

Taj Mahal as each one us know is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Visited by approximately 7 to 8 million men and women from all across the globe, this site in India is a loved destination for all the tourists who have seen the beauty with real eyes.

In the year 1983, UNESCO recognized this monument as a world heritage site, Taj Mahal is a garden tomb made with the help of white marble by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Begum Mumtaz Mahal.

Not just common people but also famous celebrities come to India for the purpose of visiting this amazing tomb. They mark their presence in this wonder of the world and fall in complete love with its enormous beauty.

Taj Mahal was well described by the famous writer Rudyard Kipling as the ‘embodiment of all pure things’.

It is the exact definition of a monument made in love of someone. King Shah Jahan has proven his love in the most sacred way possible. The monument now stands tall in the city of Agra and showcases itself as the ‘symbol of pure love’.

Visit of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal In Agra

foreign celebrities at taj mahal

MARK ZUCKERBERG | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

Mark Zuckerberg at Taj Mahal

The Owner and CEO of Facebook visited Taj Mahal while we had planned his India trip in the year 2015 on October 27th. He was glad to visit the location and was roaming around in the corridor like a small kid.

His fascination towards the monument made him quote

“It is even more stunning than I expected. It’s incredible what people can build – and what love can motivate us to build.”

He was accompanied by his bodyguard and a few camera people from the Indian Media.


LEONARDO DE CAPRIO | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

leonardo de caprio at taj mahal agra

The Titanic star Leonardo De Caprio when visited the epitome of Beauty – The Taj Mahal he was awestruck to look at this beauty. Leonardo visited the great Taj while he was in India for the shoot of his documentary film on the topic of Climate Change.

He visited the memorial in the same year as of Mark Zuckerberg that is in the month of November of the year 2015.

It was a hidden visit and not many people came to know that they were sharing the land with the megastar.


TOM CRUISE | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

tom cruise at taj mahal

In the year 2011, this dashing superstar visited the amazing land of Taj Mahal and loved what he saw. He was in India for the promotional tour of his film Mission Impossible.

For him this Mission was not impossible, his film gave him a chance to take a good look at this amazing piece of art standing upright enveloping the beauty and it was India’s utmost pleasure to greet the Hollywood star who travelled a long way to the land of Agra to visit this enormously gorgeous memorial of emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife.


BILL CLINTON | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

bill clinton at taj mahal

The former US president Bill Clinton has a few words to say about the greatest of beauties Taj Mahal and those are,” There are two types of people in the world. Those who have seen the Taj Mahal and love it and those who have not seen the Taj and love it”.

He visited Agra to witness the beautiful Taj Mahal in the year 2000 and he was accompanied by his daughter Chelsea while he was on the tour of South – Asia.

Taj Mahal is described in the autobiography of Bill Clinton as “perhaps the world’s most beautiful structure”.

His wife Mrs Hillary Clinton had first visited the Taj Mahal in the year 1995 and was also accompanied by her daughter Chelsea.


RUSSELL BRAND & KATY PERRYVisit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

russell brand and kate perry at taj mahal

In the year 2009 the month of December, Russell Brand the comedian visited this epitome of love. The comedian and activist was inspired by this Building and was very happy to visit this landmark location.

He was in India at the time of a Christmas break in the year 2009 with his then girlfriend Katy Perry, who was equally excited to be the part of this visit.

he made this for me kate perry tweeted about taj mahal

The couple was very happy and clicked numerous pictures with the Taj Mahal. Katy Perry also posted the picture on Twitter and jokingly mentioned he made this for me“.


OPRAH WINFREY | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

oprah winfrey at taj mahal

The princess of chat show visited the city of Agra to have a look at one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal. She was very happy with her visit to this amazing land.

It was her dream to see what Taj Mahal looks like or to be more precise it was a lifelong mission accomplished. She stayed in the premises for about 1 long hour and was accompanied by approximately 10 journalists and a team of the camera crew.

She visited the Taj Mahal in the January of the year 2012. The actor who has hosted chat shows with Indian stars like Priyanka Chopra told the journalist that having read about the great Taj Mahal in school, it was her dream to visit the place in person and it came out to be true made her very happy.

The visit to Taj Mahal after she attended the Jaipur literature fest was amazing and she also mentioned somewhere that her “life has been a Taj Mahal”.


ORLANDO BLOOMVisit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

orlando bloom at taj mahal

It was a tough journey for Lord of the Rings star Orlando to reach to the Taj Mahal. His visa got stuck at the Airport. But Thanks to our External Affair minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj who helped him out with the matter. To, which Orlando said, “All worth it for the Taj Mahal”.

He was invited by then Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav for some tourism promotion. Akhilesh Yadav sponsored his trip to the Taj Mahal and the superstar was also accompanied by former leader Amar Singh.

The star later quoted “it is such an amazing building. I feel like I’ve experienced one of the Seven Wonders of the World”.

SIR BEN KINGSLEY | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

sir ben kingsley at taj mahal

British actor Sir Ben Kingsley is an extraordinary actor and had also received an Oscar for his role of Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi (Father of the Nation India); he visited the monument with his wife Daniela Lavender who decorated herself according to an Indian lady.

They were very happy to visit the beauty in white and it could be made out of their pictures. The visit dates back to the year 2009.


EVA LONGORIA | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

eva longoriaat taj mahal

American actress visited the Taj Mahal in the year 2015 and was accompanied by her fiancé Boston. The actress was super excited and behaved like a tourist as she jumped and howled on the premises.

The desperate housewives star took too many photos of the Taj Mahal and posted it on her Instagram handle. She posted a picture jumping in front of the Taj Mahal and wrote the caption as “Can’t leave Agra without a jumping photo in front of Taj Mahal”.

eva longoriaat jumping at taj mahal

She also tweeted another picture, which was clicked by her Hotel holding the peak of Taj Mahal and wrote, “I am holding the Taj Mahal”. She was glad to visit the place and she also mentioned about the good hospitality of the Indians.


JUSTIN TRUDEAU | Visit Of Foreign Celebrities At Taj Mahal

justin trudeau at taj mahal

The latest celebrity to visit the great mausoleum of Taj Mahal is the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau. He was accompanied by his wife and three children.

He was in India for some international discussions with his Indian Counterpart Narendra Modi. The topics of discussion were to be defense, space and trade.

He visited the Taj Mahal and it was his second time. He said “For me to be able to be here on an official trip while bringing my kids with me to share this is really special and being able to enjoy this as a dad with my kids is really nice,” after he was done with his visit to the Taj Mahal.

He also tweeted with a picture of him, his wife and three children noting that “I was about Xav’s (younger son) age when I first visited the Taj Mahal almost 35 years ago… and it’s amazing to be back with him and the family on Day 1 of our trip to India.

taj mahal in agra

Other celebrities who visited the Taj Mahal are: Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Vladimir Putin, Jacqueline Kennedy, Boric Becker, Karl Pilkington, Sharon Stone, George Harrison are also a few famed men and women who have visited this lovely place.

These celebrities fell in complete love with the Taj Mahal and also promoted the foreign guests to come and spend some days in the city of Agra and know more about the symbol of love, which also holds the title of “One of the Seven Wonders Of The World”.

We welcome you to come and spend some days of Joy in this mesmerizing place that is the Taj Mahal.

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