All About The Akbar’s Tomb | Akbar Ka Maqbara

All About The Akbar’s Tomb | Akbar Ka Maqbara

all about of akbar tomb akbar ka maqbara

Taj Mahal, Agra fort and Fatehpur Sikri are checked in the bucket list of locations to visit in Agra. Hey wait, do not miss on the grave structure of one of the most marvelous kings India has ever presented to the world. The tomb of Akbar the great who was a Mughal Emperor invites you to take a halt there and pay homage to the king whose seat is in heavens now.

Let us now turn our sights to the information relating to this offbeat location in the suburbs of Agra city.


All About Of Akbar’s Tomb | Akbar Ka Maqbara

akbar ka maqbara

History Of Akbar’s Tomb

history of akbar tomb

Every marvellous structure that stands rooted in the soil since centuries has seen and faced bundles of ancient tales and Akbar’s tomb is none the less nothing different. It has faced love and rage both from the society so let us know what all this grandeur has seen in its lifetime.

The tomb was structured and completed by the son of Akbar the great Jahangir. Prince Salim (Jahangir) was the one who financed the structure, on the other hand Akbar himself laid down the whole plan of the tomb in Sikandara for it is said in Islam that choosing one’s own final bed is a work of greatness.

The construction took place from about 1605 to 1613. The decoration of jewels and pearls made the minaret look like a stunning piece of Indo – Islamic architecture. However, good things are rooted to be plundered if history is kept in consideration. Akbar’s tomb makers had no idea that a small mistake by Aurangzeb would set great deals for the tomb of his grandfather.

The jats in the leadership of Raja Ram Jat rose against Aurangzeb, plundered the tomb of Akbar and took out all its gold and jewels, and devastated it into almost a ruin. They took the control on Agra fort, and shown rage in the most horrifying manners.

They looted the tomb, dig out the remains of Akbar and dragged his bones out of the coffin. This malpractice was initiated because Aurangzeb then ruler of Mughal Dynasty had killed one of the Jat man, the father of Gukula.

However, Aurangzeb got ferocious and killed their leader Raja Ram Jat mercilessly.

The tomb, which was now a ruin had no one to properly take care of, it is in the times of British era when Lord Curzon took responsibility to mend this heritage site.


Architecture Of Akbar’s Tomb

architecture of akbar tomb

The beautiful red and white sandstone fabricated building is one of the best examples of Indo – Islamic architectural styles. The tomb is like a miniature of Taj Mahal in colours. Laid in the area of about 105 meter square this wall -enclosed structure with 4 minarets and the tomb building is a four-tiered pyramid, mounted by the marble made pavilion containing the similar tomb.

Likewise, in other Mughal Buildings, the real tomb is under the copied one as it could not be decorated with jewels and should be kept safe so that the king could sleep in peace.

The inlay panels and details, the calligraphy over the entrance gates, the circular galleries are sure to make you fall in love with the architectures who designed this stupendous beauty.


Location Of Akbar’s Tomb

location of akbar tomb

This wonderful last bed of Akbar the great is situated in the small suburb area of Agra city in Uttar Pradesh. Sikandara is the spot, where his tomb still stands for the common public to pay homage. Not more than 1 kilometre away from the tomb, lies the tomb of Akbar’s Wife Jodha Bai, she was the mother of Emperor Jahangir and the most loved wife of Akbar.


How To Reach Akbar’s Tomb

Akbar’s tomb could easily be reached by getting down at Agra. It is the spot on the outskirts of Agra. Hence, one can take a train to Agra or you can take flight and then head towards the tomb of Akbar in a taxi.

One can also plan a Road trip from Delhi to Agra and reach the tomb in a private and comfortable car.


Best Time To Visit Akbar’s Tomb

best time to visit akbar's tomb

Best time to visit Akbar’s tomb is in winters as this is the ideal time when the atmosphere of the city is moderate to cool. You can come in monsoon and summers as well, but checking on weather updates is a mandatory task for a hassle free experience.


Entry Fees In Akbar’s Tomb

entry fees in akbar tomb

The visit to this mausoleum is paid and the divisions of the payments are as below mentioned:

You will have to pay Rupees. Five per head in you are –

  • A citizen of India
  • If you are a citizen of the SAARC, countries that are Maldives, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan Bangladesh and Bhutan.
  • The citizens of BIMSTEC countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar.


Other country citizens –

  • Rupees 100 per head.

Note –

  • Free entry on Fridays.
  • Free entry for children who are less than 15 years.


Timings Of Akbar’s Tomb

Akbar’s tomb opens at the time of Sunrise and shuts down by the time the sunsets. It is open on Fridays unlike, Taj Mahal.


Akbar’s tomb welcomes each and every one of you who comes to Agra and explore this wonderful place, which the world has started to neglect. This offbeat location in Agra is sure to gain a five star with its deep historical thoughts and architectural makings.

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