Taj Mahal | The Tribute To Love

Taj Mahal | The Tribute To Love

Taj Mahal, The Tribute To Love
” Taj Mahal, The Tribute To Love “

It has always been said, “True Love is Hard to Find, Difficult to Retain and Impossible to Catch” but these days the world has not much to hear anything about what exactly True Love is. Moreover the world that is here, has now started believing in the fact that true love is extremely hard to find and the results that comes out  is the  fact that states that the lesser people believe in love, the lesser the world has love in the air.

While legends were always found talking about the true love, sometimes it seems very difficult to understand what exactly love is. Nevertheless, this question can keep anyone muddled for plenty of time while the person would end up with just wasting their time.

Now since the world here is busy admiring the whole new world of love in their imagination, there is still something that stands as a Symbol of Love to the world. And that is known to be the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Did you ever thought why Taj Mahal is known to be the Symbol of Love? And why is it regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

It is because of the story behind the construction of Taj Mahal. Built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, Taj Mahal was initially her third wish while she was counting the last few minutes of her life. Well, Taj is not what she wished for, the initial wish she asked was to create something for her that the world have never seen, nor can see again. Hence, Taj Mahal is named after her.

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal

Being the most beloved wife of Emperor, Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to her 14th child and her love towards his husband and emperor and emperor’s love towards her wife can be seen and admired in this magnificent architectural marvel that took more than 20 years to complete when 20,000+ workers gave their day and night to it.

No wonder if I call Taj Mahal The Tribute to Love where once they loved and the world find their love here. Taj Mahal is the reason behind the Love that Floats in the Air of Agra. The city that has plenty of things to explore yet it’s the place where one can find their true love.

Find your true love with Taj Mahal while you would be on your Agra Tour and experience the era of love that still prevails. Pay your tribute to Taj Mahal, The Symbol of Love with your Perfect Trip to Agra by Car or Train and know that the love is not a word but it’s much more than that.

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