My Journey of Same Day Agra Tour

My Journey of Same Day Agra Tour

Holidays are very much awaited and the destinations of these holidays are the most exciting part. I don’t know how many of you can relate to it, but the best part of the Journey of Same Day Agra Tour is the destination we visit. The planning, the end time preparations every things gets add on.

Same Day Taj Mahal

But the busy schedule, the heavy office and work assignments never let me plan the major holidays, but you know what I did? I just took a leave and went for my perfect holiday at Agra with the Same Day Agra Tour. Well, just like people worldwide, I too had fascinations to visit the Symbol of Love and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal. So, one day while I was just writing about it, all that clicked my mind was to at least explore it once. So, this time, the whole of the office staff agreed upon the idea and thus, without wasting any further time, we booked the train tickets of the Taj Express, super fast train which makes our same day Agra tour by train.

Same Day Agra By Train

With the heavy excitement, we started our preparations for the Tour and ended up being really excited. The early morning departure from the train was for me, the most adventurous aspect of this tour. Of course, the train journey excites a lot, and I haven’t been anywhere from train (don’t tell this to anyone okay!). The views of the journey of the train trust me, made me go mesmerized. The greenery all over, the morning sky and the birds chirruping, my day had a perfect starting.

Singing, talking, watching the views, as we reached Agra Railway Station, our guide, Mr. Sanjeev welcomed us with a big smiling face that lighted up our excitement to visit Agra. We first went for breakfast as we all felt really hungry. The breakfast seemed extremely tasty and the from the dishes that we opted, the best was the Jalabi with Curd that took my heart away. This I didn’t hear anywhere, but the dish was extremely yummilicious, not only for me but for my colleagues as well.

Jalebi with curd

Later as we finished our amazing breakfast, we took the road to the Taj Mahal. Oh My God! The view of the Taj Mahal made me go awestruck. Totally. No words came in my mind to address it. Mr. Sanjeev leaded the way and started sharing the establishment story of this magnificent Symbol of Love. He told us the magnificence of the erection that states that the monument was the third wish of the wife; Mumtaz Mahal originally named as Arjunmand Bano Begum and later regarded as Mumtaz Mahal (Jewel of the Palace) post her marriage to Shah Jahan. She was the third and the most beloved wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who died while giving birth to her 14th child.

Girl Holding Taj Mahal In hand

Being the most favorite wife, while she was taking her few last breaths, she asked for the completion of three wishes and out of those three, one was to build something that the world would have never seen before and will never see again. With the Makrana Marble, which is the pure white precious marble, the construction of the Taj Mahal was initiated. And to make this magnificent architecture, almost to 22,000 laborers worked hard day and night. It took approximately to 20 years to build this beautiful and stunning mausoleum.

For me, my biggest fascination of exploring the Taj Mahal just came to an end but now, I really wish to explore it again and again. The beauty just took my heart away. The Architecture of Taj Mahal left me spell bound. Being the perfect fusion of Persian, Islamic and Indian Architectural Styles, I just portrayed my heartfelt gratitude to the artisans and the craftsman who took care of every single corner of the design and architecture. Ahaan, the Perfect Architecture.

Half Quran Written on Taj Mahal

The doors of every side and the mosque were again something extremely beautiful and there was something in Taj that made me realize the worth of being religious. With the black stone, the inner and outer side of the Taj Mahal has half Quran written on it. Hence, in my mind the respect to the mindset of Emperor then had its peaks.

Later we proceeded to visit the Agra Fort. And the moment we reached there, the view, actually the walls of the fort just let me kept myself staring at it. We went inside and Sanjeev sir started telling us about the Fort. As we entered, the gates of the fort kept me explore it. The beautiful design of flowers on the big huge gate was just amazing. As the Agra Fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar, he was very much fond of riding on elephants and thus whenever he entered the fort, he was always on his Elephant and eventually, the huge and massive gates of the fort served the purpose.

Agra Fort

We went inside and saw the route to the fort that was built in an extreme significance. The route to the main fort was a say down towards the main gate that was used to throw the big metal and iron balls towards the enemy army. The other aspect of the route was that it had some pipelines that helped in throwing warm oil that eventually resulted in making the route to the enemy army quiet difficult. The route was made in the way that the echo of anyone who is passing through there could be heard right in the fort. Damn interesting the information was.

The greenery of the fort was very much enthralling and to the start we were told that only 20% of the fort is open for people to visit and the rest 80% till date serve as the military base of the army. The main reason behind building this fort by Akbar was to house his military army and the fort till now is used for the same. We went in the Jahangir Palace, earlier the palace was a part of the Akbar’s entertainment purpose and it also houses the Jodha Bai’s (Akbar’s wife) Temple. We then went inside and saw the amazing tombs of the daughters of Emperor Akbar. The architecture of the Summer palace and the Winter Palace made me think about the facts and figures people then used to analyze and build these palaces. As both of these palaces were right opposite to each other, they shared the same balcony area and from this balcony the view to the Taj Mahal was very much splendid.

We head forward and visited the area where Emperor Jahangir was detained by his own son Emperor Aurangzeb. It is believed that from this area, Jahangir use to see his magnificent architecture, Taj Mahal and use to count his last few days of his life. We came out and saw the Diwan-e-Aam that was initially the court of Akbar. Later we headed towards a restaurant to have our lunch.

Itimad-ud-Daulah or Baby Taj in Agra, India

We started our drive to visit the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula which was made by Noor Jahan for her dad. The structure and design of the tomb was very much similar to Taj Mahal and thus, no doubt it is known as the Baby Taj. Because of the stone work that was done on the walls of the tomb, it is also known to be the Jewel Box of Mughal Empire.

Mehtab Bagh

We headed our journey towards the Mehtab Bagh and en route we first get ourselves packed some variety of Pethas that are very much famous. As we reach Mehtab Bagh, the view of Taj Mahal was just breathtaking. We explored the well maintained bagh and sat there for quite a few time. Later as the day was coming to the end, we headed towards the Railway Station to board our train for Delhi.

By the end of our Same Day Agra Trip, it was not just my fascination that I visited; it was something that I have no words to explain in. I have written a lot about Agra and about Taj Mahal and other architectures, but trust me, when I explored it myself; it was the best experience of my life till now. No doubt, as the proverb says, “It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”.

same day agra tour

All in the end, what matters is to actually explore anything and everything that matters, and so, I would definitely suggest you, go explore everything and everything you wish for. For me, I love what I do, and that’s travelling and writing. But for you, I would definitely recommend to explore this extraordinary land with us.

Till the time I see you again. Take care!

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