Places To Visit In Agra

Places To Visit In Agra

Agra a beautiful city on the banks of Yamuna river in Uttar Pradesh is a must visit place in India. About 200 kms away from our capital New Delhi, the Taj Mahal tour by super fast train can easily make you visit this beautiful place. It is such an enthusiastic place that would keep you in awe. Agra is included in the golden triangle tourist route i.e. Delhi-Agra-Jaipur. There are many Amazing Places To Visit In Agra, The top three attractions are Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, considered to be  heritage places by UNESCO.

Agra is one of the most important cities under Mughal Empire and it was first mentioned in Mahabharata. Agra was the capital city for some of the great Mughal Emperors like Akbar, Shah Jahan, Jehangir and Aurangzeb. The city was founded by Badal Singh in 1475. The Mughal love of architecture translated into beautiful and eye catching monuments.

The Most Ravishing Places To Visit In Agra


taj mahal

The synonymous of Agra is Taj Mahal and it is a white marble mausoleum and undoubtedly the most popular attractions. It is considered among the Seven Wonders of the World. Taj Mahal was built by Shan Jahan for his deceased wife Mumtaz and it is symptomatic of the emperor’s deep love for his wife. The lush green landscapes and the beautiful view around Taj Mahal adds the romantic ambiance of Agra.

taj mahal sunrise tour



Agra fort is situated on the west bank of Yamuna River around 2 kms northwest of the Taj Mahal. Akbar built the fort of sandstone and it is entered through a gate built by Aurangzeb. Visitors pass through the Amar Singh gate and then Akbari Darwaza before reaching the inside of the fort. There is Jahangir Mahal which takes its name as Jahangir but was originally built by Akbar. Then is the Musamman Burj on the east side of the fort, it is said to be the tower where Shah Jahan was imprisoned. Then comes the Golden Pavilion also called Khas Mahal. And the hall of private audience is the Diwan-i-khas. Agra fort contained the largest state treasury and mint.



The most important and largest mosque in Fatehpur Sikri in Agra is Jama Masjid. And is situated opposite to the Agra fort. It is also known as Friday Mosque. It was built by Shah Jahan in 1648 dedicated to his favourite daughter, Jahanara Begum.



It is a five story building in Fatehpur Sikri. It was built by Akbar is also known as Badgir which means wind catching tower. It is an extraordinary built structure and one of the most important buildings in Fatehpur Sikri.

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It is located in Fatehpur Sikri and the architecture of this structure enlightens the eyes of the viewer. It is so beautiful and entirely constructed with red stone.


ram bagh

Ram Bagh is one of the oldest gardens to be built by the first Mughal Emperor, Babur. The gardens were previously known as Aaram bagh and then called as Ram Bagh after the name of Hindu God Ram.



It is the most visited museum in Agra which is all about the history of Taj Mahal. It offers us the opportunity to get to know more about the worth and existence of Taj Mahal. It is undoubtedly the most eye catching place to visit.



Sur Sarovar is also known as Keetham lake. There are more than 106 species of resident and migratory birds and this place is spread over an area of 7.97 square kilometers, and it was declared as national bird sanctuary in 1991. Keetham lake is pentagonal and there are artificial created islands for shelter to the migratory birds. It is a must visit place.

Agra day tour by car gets the most amounts of tourists and it is a beautiful place and still has the colorful medieval look. The modern era hustle and local amusement attracts the visitors. The inevitable places in Agra makes it a scenic beauty.

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