Places to See and Things to Do in Agra

Places to See and Things to Do in Agra

“Explore the Taj Mahal, The Agra Fort, and other historical places to see in the Indian city of Agra.”

Agra is a destination that is often on the bucket list of anyone who is exploring India. Thought the first thing that would pop up in any foreigner’s mind thinking of India would probably be ‘The Tajmahal’, one of the Seven Great Wonders, but apart from the fairly obvious architectural structure, there are various other places to see in Agra and things to do in Agra which could fall to one’s liking, be they be places of spiritual worship or other historically significant edifices, shopping districts or food courts.

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As an Indian, the thing that I subconsciously associate with Agra would be the Mughal Empire. There may be monuments and architecture predating even The Taj, and yet the congested markets give off the vibes of being in The Middle East, be they be spices, silks or ornaments, the city has much to offer. For those who prefer tranquility and serenity, they can experience nature and the quiet village life in the vicinity of the hubbub, and one’s surprise both the lifestyles do not clash with each other and congeal peacefully.

Best Places to See in Agra

Some famous places in Agra that should be on your bucket list on your next visit : –

  • The Tajmahal –

It’s not a shocker that this wonderful monument would be in this list. The structure offers a great scenic pleasure, and as also closely linked with ties to the Mughal Era. It was commissioned by Shah Jahan in 1632 to serve as the tomb to his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The structure is made entirely out of white marble, which exudes a soothing vibe, indeed a must see sight for romantic couples.

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  • Fatehpur Sikri –

It is a city which once served as a capital to the Mughal Emperor Akbar. The bulk of the city is predominantly composed of red sand stone. The location attracts a lot of tourists from all over all year round, it has also been given a status of a world heritage site by UNESCO. The sights, both and around the city serve as an example of Akbar’s artistic class and finesse.

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  • Agra Fort –

Also known as the ‘Lal Quila’ in Hindi, the list is crowned by another world heritage site approved by UNESCO, the structure is also made from red sandstone brought from Rajasthan, and is just 2.5 kilometers away from The Taj, its construction was started by Akbar on the banks of the Yamuna river. The fort is elephantine in its size and is often referred to as the “The Walled City”. The fort was a residence for the Mughals, mainly in the 17th Century.

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  • Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah –

It is a monument that is decorated in stones and laden with the finest inlay works by the artists and craftsmen, although smaller than The Taj, this structure too is built entirely out of marble, with inlaid precious stones and marble lattice screens and fissures on the inside. The monument presents one of the most meticulously done artwork and exquisitely decorated structures.

Similar to Agra’s famous monuments the things one can do in Agra are in themselves exquisite and unique than what the other place may offer, be it the night-life entertainment, shopping, tasting culinary dishes, or just experiencing Agra itself at its heart, the city offers you everything.

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  • Sheesh Mahal –

‘The Glass Palace’ of Agra, the structure offers exquisite carving done with marbles and mirrors which are charming and enthralling to the eye, but sadly not small enough to carry home, it offers a unique perspective to the beholder, and embodies Agra, to the best of its capability.

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  • Jahangir Mahal –

It is quite a massive structure and was once the palace to the Mughal ruler Jahangir. The palace itself is located inside the Agra fort., and the residence itself is said to have provided almost unbreakable fortifications, surely helped Jahangir sleep better at night.

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  • Jama Masjid –

The place of Muslim spiritualism is located opposite to the Agra fort and also referred to as Jami Fort or ‘Friday Mosque’. The place has a hub of people visiting every day, making it a popular travel destination.

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Some of the things to do in Agra are: –

  • Shopping – It would probably be the next best thing to do if you’ve already experienced the architectural monuments and the scenic beauty of Agra. Agra is known for its congested markets, which are full of hubbub and gusto, especially the ‘Kinari market’ of Agra, the market offers varieties of silks, leathers, marble inlay works, and Persian styled carpets and rugs.
  • Places to dine in – The city’s most upscale restaurant is the Upscale Restaurant which offers the best there is to offer in Mughlai food. Apart from it there is Joney’s place, which is Agra’s oldest food establishment, it offers the best North Indian styled dishes there are. Other than the restaurants, Agra is exceptionally famous for its Daal Moth, a crunchy snack made from black lentils, served with tea, and of-course the famous ‘Agra Petha’.
  • Nature walk – Agra offers a bulk of nature in a cursory go, especially the ‘Taj Nature Walk’ which is located in the area of 180 hectares on the Fathebad road, just 500 metres away from the East gate of the Taj. It offers various angles of the sight of Taj, with astonishingly beautiful backgrounds, along with a blend of wildlife such as peacocks and hoopoes.
  • The Night Life – The Taj offers various drams and musicals, the most famous of which would ‘Mohhabat- The-Taj-Musical Drama’, which portrays the epic of love between Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, it is closely connected to various aspects of history and tells the saga as it actually happened. Depicting both the immortal love between the pair of husband and wife as well as the treachery and infallibility of their son.

Beautiful places in Agra which incorporates both scenic beauty as well as the elephantine aspects of history, everyone has something they would love in Agra, be it the art, the cuisine, the nature and tranquility or the hubbub filled market places. This is what makes Agra so unique as compared to other holiday destinations, the same non-monotonous aspect is what attracts such a big crowd to Agra, both domestic and foreign. So, you are invited Agra tour to spend your time in this spellbinding city with your friends and family!

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